Untitled 9 - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential

Untitled 9

Losing control and nothing seems worth while

Is a million tears worth just one smile

Pretending by day, agony of night

I wonder if it’s worth putting up a fight

Everything is conditional, you just can’t always anticipate

the conditions, I used to live by this motto

Send us to bed and take another hit

And you wonder why the resentment has grown

Open the door and let me go or I will rebel

You told me that you can’t pick your family

But guess what, you were wrong AGAIN!!

Someone tried to break me but I’m still here

I’m still standing and standing strong

Just because you call yourselves my parents

Doesn’t make it true

And now I have a new family who shows love and compation

A gift that was ripped away from my childhood

But as this goes through my mind

I realize you DID let me go

You know, even through you’d never admit it, you screwed up

And now I know what a family is

Someone tried to break me but I’m still standing

I’m still standing and standing STRONG!!



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