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Where I am

Where I am

I just know
That I'm moved home from home
It's like roller coaster (a bad roller coaster)
Every home is an either an up or down
But either way
I wanna get off and go home
To that little apartment without the heat
But with enough love to keep me
Warm for the rest of my life.

But that's no more
Taken away by one choice
That wasn't even mine
And everyday I would ask why
How did I get where I am?
With someone across from me
Telling me that I'll be taking a 100 milligrams a day

They all say it's not my fault
But if it isn't
Why do I feel guilt everyday?
Is it too much to ask
To want what I once had
And that used to be all I needed 
But now that's gone
What am I suppose to do?


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