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Why Dad? Why?

Why Dad? Why?


Why did you have to be that way?

When are you going to become better?

Why did you do that to us?

You made us run away from people that aren’t bad at all

They could of helped us

Why Dad? Why?

So you think it’s cool to be tough

It’s not, it hurts others

Why not stop and start fresh?

I know you wouldn’t but it’s worth it

You abused us badly

I can’t even say my brother’s name without thinking of you

I will never love you as I used to

Unless you tell them the truth

Just because it’s been ten years

Doesn’t mean that we have forgotten

Remember we have brains

We use ours, don’t you?

You wouldn’t even if you tried

So now I’m done with you

I think you should leave

Please leave

You make me sick

Try to remember, WHY?




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