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What do youth need to know when deciding whether to be adopted or age out of care?


If a youth is adopted prior to age 16, they would not qualify for any Aftercare benefits or special college grants.

If a youth is adopted after the age of 16, they will still qualify for general Aftercare, which includes case management and emergency funds of up to $1200 per year, and also qualifies them for college grants-the Education Training Voucher (ETV) and the All Iowa Opportunity Foster Care Grant (AIOFCG).

The two things financially that a youth would lose if they were adopted after age 16 vs. aging out of care are 1) the monthly PAL stipend which currently is at a maximum of $574 per month, and 2) MIYA-Medicaid for Independent Young Adults (health insurance coverage).

One thing that I like to point out is that with PAL there is never a “guarantee” that a youth receives $574 per month.  It is based on meeting program requirements including working or going to school, budget needs, and other sources of income, both earned and unearned.  I say that because I wouldn’t want the PAL stipend to be the sole factor in someone making a decision on whether or not to adopt or be adopted, though I understand that money is a very real concern for most anyone.

Also, the Aftercare website has a lot of good information for youth and anyone else interested.  Specifically I would point anyone to the “Frequently Asked Questions” link on the home page of the website,

-Kelli Noveshen

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