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Myths About Financial Aid

Time to bust 4 myths about financial aid

Myth #1: We make too much money, so I won't qualify.

Fact #1: Not all student aid has an income requirement. Most people qualify for some type, including low-interest federal student loans.

Myth #2: I should call the FAFSA people to find out how much I'm getting.

Fact #2: You should contact your school's financial aid office. They use the FAFSA to determine what you receive, and your award will vary from school to school.

Myth #3: Only students with good grades get financial aid.

Fact #3: Your GPA can help you get into college and can help with academic scholarships, but most federal and state aid programs don't take grades into consideration.

Myth #4: I should wait until I'm accepted to a college before I file the FAFSA.

Fact #4: Don't wait! You can start as early as October of your senior year of high school, and you can list all schools you're considering even if you haven't applied or been accepted. If you want to add a school after you file your FAFSA, you can submit a correction.

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