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Check your text for financial aid reminders

Iowa College Aid Insider: Succeeding in College and Career (December 2018)


Check your texts for financial aid reminders

As part of the annual renewal process, Iowa College Aid staff is reaching out to students who are eligible to reapply for the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship (AIOS) and the Education and Training Voucher (ETV). Students who authorize us to send text alerts are notified via text message of the reapplication process and corresponding deadlines; all others receive e-mail reminders. The AIOS can be renewed for up to eight full-time semesters, and the deadline to file the FAFSA and Iowa Financial Aid application is March 1. The ETV helps former foster youth pay for undergraduate school and, if funds are available, graduate school. The priority deadline to file the FAFSA and Iowa Financial Aid application is March 1.

8 tips for transfer students

Sometimes your first college choice isn’t the right fit, or you might start your education at a two-year college with intentions to continue at a four-year school. For a smooth transfer, start planning as soon as possible: 

  • Keep your grades up. Even if you don’t plan to finish a degree at your current college, continue to go to class and turn in assignments. The college where you transfer will want your most recent transcripts.
  • Select a new college. Determine what factors contributed to your decision to leave your current college, and take them into consideration when selecting a new college.
  • Go on a campus visit. Your experiences at your current college might help you identify the benefits you want and need from a new college experience.
  • Talk to advisors. Work with advisors at both your old and new campuses. Ask if your classes will transfer. To make certain, request that your prospective college review your transcripts before you apply.
  • Apply for admission. Check the admission requirements at the college where you intend to transfer, even if you were previously accepted. If you want to transfer course credits, you’ll need to submit your most recent transcript. Some colleges will want a copy of your prior college coursework regardless of whether you transfer credits. Ask your admissions officer about placement exams, registering for classes and signing up for orientation.
  • Secure your housing. If you plan to live on campus or in an apartment, you’ll need to get the process rolling as soon as possible so you have a place to live when classes begin.
  • Apply for financial aid. You cannot simply transfer current financial aid to your new college. You’ll need to add your new college to your FAFSA to receive a new financial aid package. You also should notify your current financial aid office of your plans to transfer. Some types of financial aid cannot be awarded by the new college until the old college cancels your aid. Contact current scholarship donors to see if scholarships can be transferred, and seek new scholarship opportunities.
  • Are you transferring to a public school? The website provides information for community college students interested in transferring to one of Iowa’s Regent Universities—Iowa State University, the University of Iowa or the University of Northern Iowa.
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