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Cosmetology Programs

Just an FYI-here is a checklist I developed due to large amount of questions on Cosmetology schools and funding.   The lowest price school is Northeast Iowa Community College, it costs roughly around $ 11,400 and most student who are eligible to receive both grants can actually receive both ETV and AIOFCG, unlike all of the other Cosmetology schools where students can only receive their ETV grant.   There is some additional funding through Iowa College Student Aid, if students apply as well.  The annual income range in this field is $17,555-$36,088 and there is some projected growth in this area.  I always encourage students to research all of their grant options, and want them to be knowledgeable of all options available to them so they can graduate with as little debt as possible so they are not repaying student loans after they graduate.  I hope you find these handouts helpful!    

Tonia Smith<>
ETV & Foster Grant Coordinator
Iowa College Student Aid Commission/Dept. of Human Services
1305 East Walnut Street
Des Moines,  IA 50319-0114
P: 515-281-8797
F: 515-281-6248

2016 Cosmetology Checklist  click here

2016 ETV FG NEICC Calmer Cosmetology Program  click here

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