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COVID-19 Free Online classes


Free video classroom software

Free online video classroom

If your school is cancelling classes, you might need a way to connect with your students online. The video conferencing software company Zoom has announced it will lift the time limit on its free accounts for K-12 schools during the COVID-19 crisis. Sign up here.

College visits canceled? Try an e-campus visit

Many colleges are cancelling campus visits for prospective students as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19. University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and University of Northern Iowa are among the Iowa schools that have canceled or rescheduled campus visits and information sessions. If a student is no longer able to visit a prospective school, encourage them to find an online campus tour. Many schools offer online and virtual reality tours on their websites. Students can also check out virtual campus tours on sites like and

Scholarships for educators

Phi Delta Kappa, a professional organization for educators, is offering a scholarship for members of Educators Rising Collegiate, Pi Lambda Theta, and Phi Delta Kappa pursuing undergraduate or advanced degrees in education. The awards range from $500 to $2,000. Applications are due April 6. Learn more here.

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