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GAP Tuition

Information from Tonia Smith on some funding opportunities that ETV won’t cover:

Just wanted to share some exciting grant information I wanted to pass along that is available student to help pay for some of the short-term hand on certificate programs that ETV and AIOFCG can NOT usually pay for if they are not for college credit.  These certificate program may work better for youth who are hands on learners or who may have struggled through learning in a classroom settings.   I often get asked about Certified Nurses Aid programs and often times can NOT pay for these short term courses with ETV or AIOFCG, but if the courses are part or a requirement for the nursing program and are taken for college credit ETV and AIOFCG funds can pay for this course if it is at a federally recognized title 4 eligible institution.  The GAP tuition program should be able to pay for some of these courses, please see the above attachments on the eligible community colleges that offer the GAP funding, there are more areas then Certified Nurse Aide programs as well.  Also attached is the contact person at the various colleges, I have emailed these individuals to get more information, but here is what I have so far……

DMACC:  Workforce Training Academy-

Gap Tuition Assistance

Iowa Central Community College Continuing Education utilizes the Gap Tuition Assistance Program to provide tuition support for eligible participants. To be eligible, the Continuing Education Program itself must offer one of the following:

·         Credential or certification

·         State, national, or locally recognized certificate

·         Preparation for a professional exam/licensure

·         Endorsement to existing credential/licensure

Why offer Gap Tuition Assistance?
Non-credit certificate programs are not eligible for federal financial aid. This program fills the gap in providing resources to populations that would otherwise not be able to afford training. Currently, we have four programs to offer:

·         CNA Certificate Program

·         Welding Certificate Program

·         PTDI – Truck Driving Certificate Program

·         Administrative Specialist Certificate

For More Information Contact:

Sue Heistand
515-574-1292 or
1-800-362-2793 ext. 1292

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