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New for Iowan's Last Dollar Scholarship!

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Applying for College & Financial Aid- June 4, 2019


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New for Iowans: Last-Dollar Scholarship


Q. What is the Last-Dollar Scholarship?

A. If you graduated from high school this year and plan to earn up to an associate degree in a program that will lead to a high-demand job, the Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship will help cover your tuition! The list of programs that are eligible for the scholarship will be announced soon.

Q. How much money can I get?

A. The Last-Dollar Scholarship will cover whatever tuition and qualified fee costs are left after you use all your other state and federal grants and scholarships. Any student who qualifies for the scholarship will receive at least $500 a year.

Q. How do I apply for the Last-Dollar Scholarship?

A. You file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Make sure you list the school where you plan to enroll in an eligible program. Your school will notify you if you qualify.

Q. When can I apply for the Last-Dollar Scholarship?

A. Right now! If you haven't already filed the FAFSA for 2019-20, do it as soon as possible. An official deadline to apply has not yet been announced, but there's no reason to wait.

Q. What if I already have my award letter?

A. If you've already received your award letter and you meet the eligibility criteria for the Last-Dollar Scholarship, your school will send you an adjusted award letter.

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LAST DOLLAR SCHOLAR, which covers the cost of education (Certificate and 2yr.programs) for High Need Career areas in Iowa.  APPLICATION



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