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Tips For Transfer Students

Tips for transfer students

Sometimes your first college choice isn't the right fit. You might start your education at a two-year college with intentions to continue at a four-year school. Or maybe your college unexpectedly closes. Whatever your reason, take these steps for a smooth transfer:

  • Keep your grades up. Many schools won't accept transfer credits for grades lower than a C-minus.
  • Make sure your credits will transfer. All schools establish their own transfer credit policies, so work with advisors at both your old and new campuses.
  • Request an official transcript. Your official transcript will tell your new school exactly how much of the new program you need to complete so you can determine what it will cost.
  • Apply for admission. Check the admission requirements at your prospective college, even if you were previously accepted.
  • Apply for financial aid. Add your new college to your FAFSA, and notify your current financial aid office of your plans to transfer.

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