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Fo$ter Fund$


Fo$ter Fund$


Foster Care Scholarships for children 14 years of age and older in state paid foster care (family foster care, group foster care, supervised apartment foster care and shelter care) and are living in Iowa will be available again in fiscal year 2018.  Beginning on July 1, 2017, Youth and Shelter Services (YSS) through the Iowa Foster Care Youth Council Contract which sponsors the AMP Program will be administering these funds.  Each eligible child will be allowed up to $300 to be used for the extras that are not covered through foster care payments.   Examples of acceptable use of these funds include: extra-curricular activities (class trip-fees, a summer camp, band, chorus, athletics, etc.); educational expenses related to significant events and occurrences for adolescents such as: senior pictures, prom, class ring, yearbook, etc.; and other such expenses which would benefit adolescents in foster care but are not covered by the state's foster care or Medicaid program. 

Informational Letter


Apply for these funds beginning July 1, 2017.     Fo$ter Fund$ application


Send your application to:

YSS Family Counseling Center – 125 S. 3rd Street, – Ames, IA 50010   Attn: Achieving Maximum Potential    -   Local: 515.233-2250  ext. 4575   -   Fax: 515.233.5865    

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