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Iowa Legal Aid

Iowa Legal Aid Youth Link Project

Equipping youth with civil legal knowledge and solutions

Iowa Legal Aid: Helps young people to gain an understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities so they can successfully navigate 
                          future legal issues.

Iowa Legal Aid: Brings safety & stability into the lives of young people and their families through legal action.

Iowa Legal Aid: Introduces the legal system to youth in a positive way to encourage a connection with their community

Who do we serve?  Foster care, Juvenile Court, homeless or near homeless youth.

Legal Education

Community Education: Staff Attorneys lead youth oriented educational workshops about common civil legal issues and mock

Legal Health Checks: Young adults (16-21) meet one-on-one with a staff attorney to discuss civil legal issues they may have 
and to learn about how to avoid and address civil legal problems in the future.

Community Collaborations & meetings: Staff attorneys attend youth-centric community meetings in order to discuss gaps in
                                                                     services for at-risk, homeless and near homeless youth and to exchange information
                                                                     about youth services. 

Legal Representation

Staff attorneys provide legal advice or legal representation to clients - 2 types of clients Iowa Legal Aid represents

Custody issues: Parents in a Child in Need of Assistance (CINA) Action or receiving voluntary services from DHS.

21 or younger: Applicable civil legal issue

Emancipation, domestic abuse, seal juvenile records, public benefits, problems with a landlord, minor guardianship, collection/garnishment, educational advocacy issues, child custody, sued by a creditor and common civil legal issues young adults face.

Contact us:  Attn. YouthLink Project Iowa Legal Aid
                    1111 9th Street   #230
                     Des Moines, IA 50314

Iowa Legal Aid:  1-800-532-1275   



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