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TIP Manual


Transition Information Packet   "TIP"

For Teens

If you are an older adolescent in foster care, this Transition Information Packet, also known as “TIP”, was
developed specifically for to give you a place to record important facts, and give you information on things you might need to know as you transition from the foster care system to the adult world. It seems like everyone keeps a file on you and now you can keep a file on yourself. TIP is organized into ten sections; each contains valuable information and gives you a list of suggested items you could store in that section. Specific storage areas are located at the end of each section to help you keep copies of important documents such as your Driver’s License, photo ID, Social Security card,birth certificate, immunization record, insurance, and many other personal records. Getting ready for life on your own can be tough. Getting help preparing for independence is a smart idea. A trusted adult or your foster care provider can assist you in completing your own personalized TIP. You may copy any materials in TIP, especially the blank worksheets. TIP will assist you with organization, as well as give you “the edge” by providing you helpful “tips” as you transition to the responsibilities of adult life.

 TIP was compiled and developed by:

Iowa Department of Human Services Transition Planning Specialists

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