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You're about to age out of foster care ... so now what? Entering adulthood means making lots of decisions, and it can be a tough time. The Iowa Aftercare Services Network (IASN) is available to help young adults who have experienced foster care move toward stability and self-sufficiency in five key areas: education, employment, housing, health and relationships.


The IASN is a group of 9 organizations across the state of Iowa that have come together to support youth who have aged out of foster care.  An average of 450 young people age-out of foster care in Iowa every year. Without intervention, these young adults are at high risk for poor outcomes, including homelessness, unemployment, crime, and poverty. IASN services are designed to help youth successfully transition from foster care to adulthood by providing encouragement, stability, guidance, and the opportunity to a build a positive future.

Pre-Planning Services. Youth who have experienced foster care can begin preparing to enter Aftercare Services several months prior to leaving foster care or any time after aging out. Youth can meet with Advocates to begin building relationships and learn more about Aftercare and PAL programs. Call 800.443.8336 to be referred.

* Foster care includes but is not limited to group care, family foster care, shelters, and relative placement. Call aftercare for verification of eligibility.

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