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 What do AMP Youth Do?

• Train to become advocates for themselves and others.
• Participate in valuable leadership opportunities.
• Develop their voices by telling their own stories.
• Educate legislators, foster parents, the public, child welfare professionals and juvenile court representatives about foster care and adoption from the youth perspective.
• Build youth/adult partnerships in the community that create opportunities for service learning.
• Encourage others to open their homes to teens in foster care or those available for adoption.
• Provide understanding, support and encouragement to one another.
• Gain the life skills necessary to become healthy, independent adults.
• Explore educational/vocational options to chart their path to become successful, productive adults.

What do AMP Youth Hope to Accomplish?

Help foster youth to become independent adults who can successfully educate others about the child welfare system and take an active role in making life better for themselves and others in state care.


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