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Newton Students Take a Stance Against Human Trafficking   CLICK HERE

Newton Daily News article  CLICK HERE

Teens Against Human Trafficking website


Greetings to the Central Iowa Service Network Against Human Trafficking. Here is some breaking news of importance:

On January 11th, announced the shutdown of its ‘adult’ section of the classifieds website!  This announcement came on the eve of’s executives and general counsel appearing at a hearing today before the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI) to answer questions about a report which shows’s ”adult services” section routinely advertised sex trafficked children for commercial sex acts. 

Thanks to all of our NAHT allies fo helping to achieve more victories like the one today!

2017 Legislative Agenda

The Network Against Human Trafficking had a very successful day on the hill last Monday, January 9th. Each legislator was given a copy of NAHT endorsed 2017 legislation (CLICK HERE) FYI, I have attached a history of successful anti-trafficking bills that were signed into law by Governor Branstad. 

A press conference was hosted by the Governor on January 9th, and the NAHT publicly thanked both Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds for their support of the six bills outlined in the legislative history. During the press conference Lt. Governor Reynolds announced that she has agreed to serve as an Honorary member of the Iowa NAHT Board of Directors. 

For history of anti-human trafficking bills  CLICK HERE

Teens Against Human Trafficking 2017 Legislative Agenda   CLICK HERE


Family Friendly video on human Trafficking: Finding Faith



Any Kid Anywhere: Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories 

featuring local survivors of sex trafficking.

No community is immune.  Sex trafficking happens HERE.

Thursday, October 9th

The Putnam Museum, Davenport, IA


See a preview of the new movie trailer      CLICK HERE


New video just released about Human Trafficking in Iowa.  To watch "Sex Trafficking in the Heartland"


Law that helps human trafficking victims clear their read article    

                                                                             CLICK HERE


Human Trafficking

164 current and former foster kids are lured into trafficking in the U.S. every day

Protect Children in Foster Care from Predators - Prevention is the Key...

Know the signs

 Know what to do

 Know what to say

 Know the resources available to you

 Be prepared


He tricked me! - A story of Human Trafficking

Tragically, thousands of women are sex trafficked at major sporting events in the United States each year.  It's one of the most well-kept secrets in our nation...but no longer.  Help end it by watching this video and visiting this website:

Watch all 5 videos created by the End It Movement:  CLICK HERE



Human Trafficking: Survivor Speaks Out  December 16, 2013  CLICK HERE  to read the newspaper article


AMP Human Trafficking Legislative Agenda 2014     CLICK HERE

Fox 24 News: Sex Trafficking In Nebraska: Kids Bought & Sold Along I-80  Nov. 21, 2013  CLICK HERE


Can your community help a human trafficking victim in crisis?

National Human Trafficking Resource Center - Polaris Project   CLICK HERE

Story on Channel 13 News
February 4, 2013 

CHILD PORN: Victim Wants Harsher Penalties A victim of child sex trafficking is now working with the Iowa legislature to crack down on child porn possession....

New legislation for those found guilty of Human Trafficking Senate File 563    CLICK HERE

Brittany's former councilor sent her this encouraging message on Facebook....



Click here to read the Des Moines Register article on the signing of the Human Trafficking Bill 2080

Also listen to Brittany of AMP speaking on Human Trafficking on WHO radio with Richard Lee.  The radio segment is preceded by news and at the 3:02 minute mark, you can listen to Brittany of  AMP speaking at the capitol.  Click here to listen.

Present at the signing were Youth & Shelter Services CEO, AMP staff & youth, Network Against Human Trafficking and Child & Family Policy Center. 


Brittany is congradulated by the governor for statewide advocacy and sharing her personal story to save other youth
from human trafficking in Iowa. 

On September 25, 2012 an article on Human Trafficking appeared in the Cedar Rapids Gazette featuring Brittany and her mother Ruth.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

Article in the Iowa State Daily featuring Brittany's story  CLICK HERE  June 13, 2013

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center has developed an online training entitled "Building a Local Crisis Response to Human Trafficking" to better assist communities in developing their own crisis response protocol.  To access the website and online training CLICK HERE.

Article in the Des Moines Register - January 2014

Iowa View: State is at a crossroads for sex-trafficking   CLICK HERE   to read the article 

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