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Teens Against Human Trafficking (TAHT)

Teens Against Human Trafficking (TAHT)


Teens Against Human Trafficking was founded by an Iowa teen who sought to raise awareness and educate other youth about human trafficking in Iowa. She aimed to equip teens with the knowledge to prevent new victimization and increase the accessibility of services for existing victims. 

The best advocates to raise awareness and help young people identify potential human trafficking victims are other youth. Teens Against Human Trafficking provides schools and students with the training, tools, and information they need to lead prevention efforts within their communities.

TAHT facilitates opportunities for peer-to-peer education, creating lifelong ambassadors in the fight against human trafficking. Students create teams within their schools, educate their peers, host awareness and fundraising events, and cultivate a passion for making a difference.

This growing program is working to engage 135 schools in 45 counties across Iowa by 2019. Teens Against Human Trafficking is a program of YSS.

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Our Teens Against Human Trafficking program was featured in a great profile on WHO-TV 13 this week that highlights the serious issue of human trafficking impacting Iowa. TAHT Executive Consultant Mike Ferjack was interviewed for the piece, along with a high school TAHT team in Ankeny.

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For more information contact:  Ruth Buckels, TAHT Coordinator    rbuckels@yss.org      515-233-2250  ext. 4575

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