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Legislative Program

Collected from all 13 AMP Foster Care Youth Councils: Ames, Carroll/Denison, Cedar Rapids, Council Bluffs, Des Moines/Des Moines Mobile, Dubuque, Eldora State Training School, Fort Dodge, Marshalltown, Mt. Pleasant, Ottumwa, Sioux City and Waterloo

1.  AMP youth request more housing options for teens.  

 * Youth deserve to grow up in a family. We need adults (foster/adoptive parents, relatives & guardians) to step up and care for teens!  
 * When youth are placed away from home, they want to be placed closer to their families for the purpose of visits and family       interaction.
2.  AMP youth request an increase in foster care clothing allowance stipend. 

 The amount allowed per youth is unrealistic to the cost of clothing ($250 maximum per year). 

3.  AMP youth request additional training specific to teenagers for foster, adoptive, kinship and guardian parents. 

 * Teenagers can be difficult to parent; especially those who suffer trauma. 
 * Teens want parents who have the skills so they can be successful in a family setting. 

4.  AMP youth request transition training for all system involved youth. 

 * Offer specific curriculum that addresses the areas of: Housing, Money Management, Health Benefits, Employment, Secondary           Education and Life Skills training. 

* Provide options other than college such as: trade jobs, apprenticeships and other hands on – work based learning programs. 


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