Dream Seed Scholarship...Apply now!

Dream Seed Scholarship...Apply now!




"Dreams are the whispers of the soul....listen to your soul's whispers, for therein lies your destiny."  ~Nathan Collier

What is the whisper of YOUR soul? The Ames Interfaith Community wants to support your dream. 


WHAT?                          The Dream Seed Scholarship was created by the Ames

                                       Unity Church and funded by the Ames Interfaith

                                       Community to fund the dreams of young people.

                                       It is an investment in your future!                              


AM I ELIGIBLE?           A Dream Seed Scholarship is available to an AMP

                                        youth age 16 and older who is served by one of the 14

                                       AMP Councils across Iowa or an Iowa Aftercare participant.


AMOUNT?                     6 grants of $300 will be awarded in 2018


HOW DO I APPLY?       Complete the Dream Seed Application and send it to:

                                        YSS Family Counseling Center,

                                        125 S. 3rd Street, Ames, IA 50010

                                         Attn: AMP - Terri Bailey

                                         to arrive by September 7, 2018


WHEN WILL I HEAR?   Dream Seed awards will be determined by

                                        September 13, 2018 and you will be notified by

                                        September 20, 2018


THEN WHAT?                You will have between September 30, 2018 and

                                        March 30, 2018 to make significant strides in

                                        reaching your dream.  Press "control P" to print the application.


Dream Seed Announcement


Grant Application


Rev. Deb's Article in the Ames Tribune

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