New Secondary Education Opportunity-AMP UP!

New Secondary Education Opportunity-AMP UP!



Introducing AMP-Up

July 1, 2020

Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP) is excited to announce the creation of a new state-wide council called AMP-Up. AMP-Up is going to be for High School Seniors who are working towards graduation and are looking for information, resources, and guidance as they maneuver their pathway to post-secondary decision making. This council is open to any youth who has been in an out of home placement. 

The council will meet twice a month starting in August 2020.  The plan is to have one meeting virtually and one face-to-face meeting that will be at different places around the state including community colleges around the state.

The curriculum will include help with completing FASFA’s, education in trades, Labor Market information, college entrance exams, budgeting, completing college applications and lots more.

The goal is to help youth create a post High School plan for each participant.  Each youth will have a different plan or future path.  

The application process is simple, here is the link for the APPLICATION  or for more information contact:

Shelby Holsapple; or

Holly Dommer;


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