Happenings - AMP | Achieving Maximum Potential


How You Can Help!

Allow us to speak at your next event
AMP youth have a compelling story to share. Please consider having them speak at your next luncheon, meeting or event.
Share a skill, talent, or hobby
The majority of youth who reach adulthood while in foster care do not get the chance to develop critical life skills - skills that enable others their age to succeed. Please consider sharing your skills and knowledge with our young people. You can help them build a resume, fill out a car loan or college application, or understand personal finances, to name a few.
Donate a service or a product
Teens leaving foster care have many needs that other teens coming of age are provided by their biological families. Furnishings, sheets, blankets, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, towels, kitchen supplies and more are all items these youth will need to live independently.


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